Day Four: Work In Progress

I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep at all last night.

Getting in at 10pm didn’t allow much time for me to pull a “Monica from Friends” and deep clean like I wanted before turning in for the evening. Nevertheless we were happy to finally be home.

Today was full of work but we’ve had so much fun! The boys and I went up to Pierre for a lunchdate with Grandma Sherry and to get our groceries while Rance stayed home and dove into the housework.

Things are really coming together and its starting to feel like home already. Fall is in full effect here and it only adds to the ambiance of our new place. Tonight the low in 37 degrees with a frost advisory! We’re going to sit by the fireplace, pop fresh popcorn and watch a family movie. I can’t wait!

I’m really starting to feel more at ease…

Speaking of which!! Wanna know something else? I’ve finally gotten back on track with my healthy eating habits. I’ll admit that this last month I’ve been a mess. Eating the worst vegan things there are! And by that I mean chips, dips, French fries, processed pastries and bread! All to somehow “cope” with the anxiety of all the change…and newsflash! It doesn’t work. It only makes things worse. Belly aches, weight gain, guilt and depression. All things I don’t want! Alas, the desire to eat for comfort has been lifted and I feel fantastic again!

Praise God!

A good friend once told me, “It feels so good to feel so good!”

And I couldn’t agree more.

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