Settling In

How nice is it to go from an 8ft x 4ft kitchen to a 12ft x 12ft kitchen with double ovens?!

Yeah. I’m BEYOND excited about that! And that’s just ONE of the many perks to living here on the reservation. Today I found out that Riley can attend head start (preschool) 5 days a week–for free! They will pick him up from our door and bring him home plus serve him two hot cooked meals during the four hours he’s there. And they can be customized (Vegan) the way I want! How cool is that? I’m sooo excited for my little guy.

Though we are still up to our elbows with stuff to do, it’s really starting to feel like home. Seeing how happy Rance is elates me! He loves his new job and office. He comes home from work stress free and BEFORE dark! No more commute. As for me, I fall in love more and more each day with my surroundings. Seeing the river all around is such an amazing site. I sigh a sigh of relief every time I see it. Its very therapeutic for me. Its also therapeutic for me being able to skype with my parents. Being able to see and talk to them really helps. I miss them so much…and my friends. I’m on the lookout for new friends though! I went to the gym last night anticipating meeting at least ONE new friend. Would you believe that I was alone in this brand spanking new gym?! Minus the sign-in attendee and the diabetes coordinator, that was it! Really??? At 5 pm too!! The time of day where everyone in California dreads going because of how packed it will be. People are just different here… very laid back and well…they just don’t bother with a lot of the stuff that Californians wrap their lives around. Including exercise.

This is very tempting to a once fat girl with a food addiction and an exercise allergy.

Sorry. That was the devil talking! I’m not giving up on friends or myself! I still have a new Weight Watchers meeting to attend on Saturday in Pierre so let’s keep hope alive!

Please pray for me, friends. Pray that the Lord will open up doors for me to make good, wholesome friends. That I would stay strong and not be discouraged. That I would continue to make good choices and exercise everyday. That I would cling to the Lord and my husband during this transitional time.

Here are a few photos from the last few days for your viewing pleasure. Although pics don’t do it justice.

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  1. I know we only met a couple of times at the playgroup before you moved, but I'm excited to hear how your veganism is going with limited stores. Or are you luckier then the desert and have a TJ's close? :o)
    I can't travel down the hill just for groceries, so with regular grocery stores, walmart, and target only available I would love to find recipes that are family friendly from those store choices.


  2. Hey Liz! Well its been a nit difficult living out in the country. There are no whole foods or tj's in the entire state! The great thing about a whole foods, plant based diet is that you don't really need “special food”. You can get beans, grains, lentils, nuts, seeds and pasta all in the bulk foods section of Winco! A great cookbook is the Forks Over Knives cookbook and The Eat Clean Diet Vegetarian cookbook by Tosca Reno. They have great family friendly recipes to get you started. I especially love the. macaroni and not cheese and raise. the roof sweet potato lasagna in the FOK cookbook. Hope this helps to get you started! Oh another great site is for free family friendly recipes. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I've been swamped with the move. 🙂


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