All The Small Things

I love how God works in small ways everyday.

Something so small like being able to have a tv in our bedroom is a huge deal for me! Ryder still sleeps with us and I normally have to just lay there until he wakes up in the morning. Now I can watch tv! Another great amenity is waking up and having coffee with my husband. Back in California he’d have to get up at 3:30am to head out by 4:00am so he could commute 45 minutes away to go to the gym and to work. Now the gym is 10 MIN away and work is only 3 minutes from the gym. Which also means that instead of getting home at 6:00pm, he gets home at 4:45pm. Having more time with him is so nice! He even came home for lunch today. Something he’s never been able to do before!

Small things like driving along side the river on my way to the gym every night. Watching out for deer and wild turkeys instead of traffic. Fall really feeling like Fall! All things that just feel good to my soul. Another amazing thing that happened this week was the community dinner in honor of the tribal council inauguration. A dinner that was held at the community center to feed the entire town and thank us for the support. All free. As much as you want and bring tupperware for the leftovers because anything left is given away. How awesome is that?? I was in total shock and awe.

On the flip side, my big boy started head start this week and whoa did that bring a whole new flood of emotion! I took him for his physical and dentist appointment last week and he did so good. Everyone at the clinic was amazed. Including me. How did he grow up so fast?? I honestly didn’t think this would effect me that much but it has. With just Ryder and I at home now all day I find myself getting lonesome. I’m trying to stay busy and read God’s word but some of this is unavoidable, natural and necessary for adapting and adjusting. I’m hanging tough, friends! I’ve been baking in my big ol kitchen and sending samples to anyone who will take them. Lord knows I love the therapy of baking but I can’t be left alone with that many treats in the house. Which brings me to the Weight Watchers meeting I attended last Saturday in Pierre. How amazing were these people?? They were so welcoming and just what I needed. I’m hoping with time I’ll really make friends that I can run with, chat with and just relate to! I know its all in God’s perfect timing though so I will wait on the Lord. I mean, look at all he’s done already!

Pretty sure he knows what he’s doing.

Here are some fun pictures! I’m blogging from my phone and haven’t figured out how to insert pictures throughout my entry so this way will have to do. šŸ™‚

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