On The Road Again

Before we left California, a friend of mine told me, “You should try to teach turbo kick on the Indian reservation!”.

Gotta admit I totally dismissed the idea.

Didn’t even entertain the possibility!

Wouldn’t you know the Lord would have other plans!

Who remembers my post about “waiting on Him to open doors” for me???

I am living, breathing, proof that our God can do anything at anytime and ANYWHERE!

Our reservation has a multi-million dollar fitness/community center with a diabetes prevention program and its almost completely not in use. Currently zero fitness classes are being taught.

You guys know me and what I’m about right? Well news spreads like wildfire in a town of 800 and the word about me got around rather quickly. It wasn’t long before I was offered a fitness instructor position in which THEY asked ME what I wanted to teach!

Amazing right? Anyone know the odds on that one???

Not only was I able to pick turbo kick but I was also told that the certification class and the entire trip to North Dakota would be paid for. Oh! And all my men could come too!

*insert squeal here*

So away we went, on what seemed like a short 5 hour drive, to Bismarck North Dakota.

It was snowing when we got here! And yes, it made me squeal with delight. Something else that made me squeal (doesn’t take much!) Was the Starbucks that we saw when we pulled into town. Sure I’ve HAD coffee since we left California but….NOT Starbucks! I knew it was red cup season and I’d be getting me a gingerbread soy latte in the morning.

Morning couldn’t come quick enough.

Saturday came and went as fast as a jab-cross-hook-uppercut. I had so much fun and learned more than I can even begin to explain. My instructor was amazing! She (as well as my original AWESOME instructor, Barbara!) Is everything a turbo kick instructor should be. Perfect form and queueing, full of power, fun-loving, fireball of energy and oh so cute in trendy turbo attire.Turbo kick is not for the weak at heart. It’s an in your face, body slamming, butt kicking, PARTY all rolled into one! By far one of the best cardio and resistance training workouts I’ve ever done. I feel so humbled to have this opportunity to “BRING IT” to the people of Lower Brule. You better believe that all my free time will be spent practicing, practicing, practicing! I’m not gonna teach this class until I can do it justice and feel confident with what I’m bringing. I got the gear and the Elite 11(a set of 11 rounds of turbo kick) to get me started.

As we head back home today I can hardly wait to get going on this new journey! I think I’ll throw in a turbo kick CD and start practicing my queueing. The boys shouldn’t mind much. đŸ˜‰

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  1. Becky's Day says:

    Hi Reyna – Love your blogs. They are filled with God's recipe for life. Family, Food, Happiness and Graditude!


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