What a difference a year makes…


Can you believe it’s been almost a year since we moved to South Dakota? I can’t.

What’s even more shocking is the fact that we’re already back in California!

It’s hard to believe that our family was uprooted from California and moved all the way to South Dakota. We lived there for six months and then moved all the way back. I don’t think I ever fully adjusted to living there before we were already back here! It’s been crazy. The road of opportunity was paved for us in both directions. We really couldn’t have asked for a more clear sign to move both times. Nor could we have done it if it wasn’t for God’s hand in making it all possible. When I think back on everything that’s happened over the last year I have to remember two simple facts…

We moved away for a reason.
We moved back for a reason.

God know’s what He’s doing. No matter where you’re at in your life, there is a beginning and an end to everything you experience. Through the pain and tears, the joy and the blessings He is with YOU! He will never leave you or forsake YOU. God’s promises are real. WE ARE LIVING PROOF OF THAT!! Proof that even when something hurts, it doesn’t make it wrong. Sometimes pain is necessary. You can NEVER give up. Never lose faith. You HAVE to keep believing. Keep going. Pursue happiness and love. Always! God knew that we had to leave for awhile but in the end, California would be our home. We may have left physically but this is where our heart has always been.

These are just some of the moments we longed for and what South Dakota couldn’t give us.

We’re SO happy we’re back! Nothing can compare to the feeling of being home. With family. With friends. It’s priceless.

There are things I will miss about South Dakota. One thing in particular that we all know the High Desert can RARELY, EVER give…


I will miss the snow. My husband won’t, but I will. The good thing about California though is that during the Winter time, this kind of weather is only an hour drive away. The beach too. And let’s not forget we’re only two hours outside of Las Vegas! It’s really a win-win situation.

All THAT being said, I did lose my way a bit with being a Vegan. I’m not gonna lie. I strayed. I slipped. I’m human. Do you even know how hard it is to be a Vegan in the Midwest?!?!?!
But I’ve also paid for it dearly. I’ve gained weight, I’m tired and I’ve developed a gluten/wheat allergy. I’m assuming it was a stress response from my poor body after all the life changing “events” and eating all that comfort food to some how self soothe. Now that life seems a bit more settled I’ve decided to come back to the wonderful world of a whole foods, plant based diet that made me feel so good before. I’ve been nothing but sick with no energy and ailments since I started to eat “non-vegan” things. I’m tired of it! It feels wrong and I’m coming back. I’ve blown the dust off of my Eat To Live book by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and I’m doing this once again. When I was fully plant based, I felt on top of the world. I felt light, energetic, guilt free! No more obsessing, meticulous planning over what I ate or how much. No sadness over the brutal treatment and slaughtering of animals. Just feasting on fabulous food from God’s green Earth. I’m so ready to get back to that 100%! I’ve still eaten my share of fruits and veggies since we’ve been back but they’ve had animal products accompanying them here and there. I’m here to say, “NO MORE!”. It’s time to go back to what works FOR ME. What makes me thrive!

Are you ready too??

I’m pretty excited for more recipes aren’t you?

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